Quick Service Restaurant
The Group operates a leading quick service restaurant chain for the operation of Yoshinoya and Dairy Queen franchise restaurants in the franchised regions in China. As of 30 June 2021, there were 396 Yoshinoya stores and 193 Dairy Queen stores and 1 others in the franchised regions which include Beijing and Tianjin municipalities, Hebei, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin Provinces and Henan, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The Yoshinoya stores of the Group offer a variety of meals, principally the rice bowl, while its Dairy Queen stores offer a range of ice-cream cakes, frozen treats and beverages, including the "Blizzard" treats.

Through the provision of high quality food and services by experienced and well-trained employees, the Group's quick service restaurant chain has been able to maintain its reputation to deliver high quality food with excellent taste in a speedy manner, at an affordable price and in a cosy environment over the years.

The Group's quick service restaurant chain has obtained various awards and certifications recognising its performance in the food & beverages industry. The recent awards and certificates include Beijing Top 10 Food & Beverages Brands (Comprehensive) in 2012, Beijing Top 50 Food & Beverages Enterprises, Beijing Top 10 Food & Beverages Brands, China Leading Food & Beverages Enterprises, China Top 10 Growing Food & Beverages Enterprises, China Top Brand Corporation of Catering Services in 2011 and China Top 10 Food & Beverages Enterprises in 2010.