Quick Service Restaurant
Healthy, Safe and Nutritious Eating
The Group, as a catering enterprise, clearly understands the truth of "Food is the paramount necessity of people." Eating has a direct influence on people's health, life and safety. We understand that it is our social responsibility to provide our customers with safe and healthy food. We insist on our core value of quality with conscientiousness and are extremely strict in the "quality" of the products so as to provide every of our consumers with "healthy and delicious food". To achieve this, we have built in food safety controls throughout operation which includes material procurement, storage, distribution and manufacture. Our strictly enforced management system enables us to receive the ISO14001 environmental management system certification and obtain the food safety management system certification certificate issued by Beijing Landbridge Quality Inspection Certification Center.

Sourcing, logistic and storage
To provide customers with green and healthy food, the Group exercises its control on the quality of its major raw materials from sources and establishes long-term cooperative relationship with well-established supplying organizations. The Group establishes modern logistics centers in Beijing and northeast China. It keeps track of in and out of all items which are stored separately according to their classifications. Food packaging materials are strictly kept away from sterilizing materials. Required temperature is ensured for every item and in every process.

Food Processing
After years of operation, the Group has developed a set of optimal and standard productions for its operations. For example, beef processing follows a procedure of more than twenty steps to ensure fresh and delicious; high-quality and clean vegetables are heated instantly to minimize loss of vitamins; rice is cooked in traditional Japanese way to preserve its original fragrance and nutrition.